Candy Rowe

Special to the Grove Sun

Having started with only a $2,000 investment, a pocketful of dreams, a chest full of tools, the willingness to work hard and a whole lot of talent, Les and Sherry Sater are proving that the American Dream is alive and quite well as they celebrate their fifth year in business.

Les was an employee at the Wal-Mart in Grove, working in the auto service center for several years when his wife surprised him with a birthday present of a new building, a building which would later become the proving grounds of their dedication to each other and their dedication to building a successful automotive business.

“I finally got tired of him coming home worn out from dealing with all that goes with working for a large corporation,” said Sherry. “I found this building and surprised him on his birthday by giving him the lease papers.

Five years later, the couple has expanded the business from two service bays to six, and because of their dedication to “getting it right,” the auto repair business is now a certified auto center which issues warranties on repairs that are honored nationwide. In addition to that, they are also authorized to perform Toyota warranty repairs.

Even with Les and Sherry and two full time employees, along with a teen-aged son who sometimes is required to act as a part time employee when he’s grounded, Les’ Automotive stays fully booked.

While they can and do work in a spur of the moment oil change, it is advisable to call ahead for an appointment.

Les’ Auto Center is located at 205 S. Center Street. Their telephone number is 787-4030.