During the Grove Pelican Festival, Saturday October 4th, N.A.P.A.T. will be selling Indian Tacos at the Community Building. Also the troupe will provide entertainment at their kidís corner, on the east side of the Community Building. Starting at 1:00 they will perform puppet shows and skits taken from traditional Native American animal stories. Students will sing in Cherokee, tell about and demonstrate some of the traditional dances, teach some words in Cherokee and provide youth with a Cherokee language booklet to take with them. After their program, members will demonstrate and assist the youth in playing the traditional game of stickball. Many on the students have made their own Hickory stickball sticks and will share with the youth how to make the sticks.

Members will be selling a variety of Native American traditional crafts that they made. Items for sale will be, Cherokee double wall baskets, dreamcatchers, miniature stickball sticks, artwork, leather medicine bags and much more.

All proceeds will be used to defer their costs of the troupes Cultural Exchange trip to Hawaii. Thirty members will be sharing their Native Culture with the Native Hawaiian students at Kamehmaeha Middle School in Honolulu, Hawaii. They will exchange information about their traditional, Native history, Language, stories, songs, dances, foods, crafts, governments and much more. Students will also have the opportunity to visit many important sights such as the USS Arizona and USS Missouri Memorials, Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, Pali Highway, Waikiki Beach, North Shore, Dole Pineapple Plantation and go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. The troupe will also be performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The cost per student for the trip is $2000. Grove businesses and residents have always been supportive of the students and they are hoping you will support them again by stopping by the Grove Community Building and purchasing a craft item or an Indian Taco.