Members of Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative will have an opportunity to see—and hear—a versatile local band perform during the co-op’s 2008 annual meeting on Saturday, September 20, at the Grove Civic Center. Lickitty Split will treat REC Day attendees to a big set starting at 9 a.m. that day.

Lickitty Split has Brian Captain of Fairland on drums, Jason Faulconer of Vinita supplying lead vocals and playing guitar, Shane Hilburn of Grove on lead guitar, and Herb Martin of Joplin, Mo., on bass and vocals. The skilled group prides itself on its ability to satisfy a blend of musical tastes.

“We do a big variety. I mean, we play classic rock, blues and country,” Faulconer said. “We might throw out a Bee Gees song and then do The Auctioneer Song and then turn around and do a gospel song. We have a lot of fun and play a wide variety of music.”

That Lickitty Split is not limited to one particular genre creates a musical diversity that opens more doors to more venues for the group. This versatility has them playing somewhere locally every week, whether it be a casino, club or festival.