And just when we thought the octogenarian was slowing down. Playing with a “take no prisoners” attitude, Bud Johnson, Baxter Springs, breezed though the Miami, senior 8-Ball tournament just like someone said he did 60 years ago, when his dad ran the local billiards hall. He didn’t lose a single match and won two straight games in the final, best of three game, double elimination tournament.  Playing with determination and style, Bud used poise and craftiness in subduing all the opposition. One might have envisioned William Musconi in tux at the table. His opponent in the final match, Leonard Moffett, Joplin also played well, running the table at least twice against two unlucky opponents, but the day belonged to Bud!

Moffett, who placed second and played with skill and experience, had some challenging matches but managed to make the winning shot when it counted. He also employed a little fortuitousness, pocketing the 8-Ball on the break, during the deciding game of the match with this writer, while on his way to the championship match.

Third place went to Bobby Boyd, Bentonville who subdued his team mate, Bob DeWitt (5th), also of Bentonville, before succumbing to Moffett. Bob Kley, Grove managed to come in fourth in this tightly competed contest that began with 22 contestants. Others near the winners circle were: (5) Bob DeWitt, Bentonville; (6) Don Gilliland, Neosho; and (7) Will Winder, Grove.

Tip of the Day: The next time you step up to the pool table, take a balanced stance, relax your whole arm and shoulder and after carefully aiming, follow through with the cue stick, keeping your eye riveted to the object ball until it is struck by the cue ball. Don’t shoot any harder than necessary to position your cue ball for the next shot. You’re sure to win more games!

The next senior tournament, scotch doubles, will be held at the  NEOSHA, on March 5, 2009.