Janet Barber

Grove Sun

GROVE – The body of a missing Grove woman has been recovered in Grand Lake after reportedly missing for a week.

GRDA officials discovered the body of Ludie Leona Weems, 43 of Grove, on Sunday around 2 p.m. in Catfish Cove after disappearing on March 28 from Fisherman’s Paradise Cove at 6 p.m.

According to the incident report filed by Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Berry, he was called to the Grove Police Department on March 28 to take a report from Weems; daughter, Petra Kaylene Martinez, who wanted to report her mother missing. In her report, she claims that her mother, along with her mother’s boyfriend, Phillip Saylor, were moving to Oklahoma City and she was excited about the move, but she states that Weems came to talk to her later and said her mother was upset, accusing Saylor of cheating on her.

Deputy Berry interviewed Saylor who said that he had not called to report her missing because “his mom told him to wait to see if she comes home”. Saylor told Deputy Berry that Weems was upset and had asked him if he had cheated on her. He responded by denying the accusations and claims they stopped at Fisherman’s Cove and sat on the hood and talked.

He said Weems took off walking toward the water and walked until she was waist deep. He said he waited for her a few minutes and left and went to their apartment, but turned around and came back and could not locate his girlfriend. He left the scene again and went to a friend’s house, but his friend was asleep. He claims he went back to the scene, but was still unable to locate Weems.

On April 3 at around 2 p.m., Deputy Berry was notified that GRDA had discovered a body, identified as Weems at Catfish Cove.

Cause of death is pending on autopsy results and the matter is still under investigation.