Janet Barber

Grove Sun

DELAWARE COUNTY - The recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan has brought out scammers trying to bilk residents out of their cash in the name of helping those in need.

Delaware County residents are receiving phone calls soliciting funds to help Japan in its time of need. “In instances like this, there are valid organizations asking for donations, but there are also those that are out to get your financial information,” said Sheriff’s Captain Ron Teel.

Captain Teel suggests that if an organization contacts you for financial donations, make sure they’re legitimate. “Get their information and you contact them,” he suggested. “Then if you feel confident donating over the phone, you can do so.”

“Never, never give out financial information over the telephone. Legitimate solicitors know better than to ask,” said Teel.

Funds are also being solicited all over the internet. “There are several good, honest organizations to donate to if you’d like to help Japan. You know the ones that are best known such as the Red Cross. We don’t want to see people in Delaware County become a victim as well,” Teel concluded.