Sheila Stogsdill

Special to the Grove Sun

VINITA - Craig County District Attorney Gene Haynes said Tuesday he won’t charge a Vinita doctor who was accused of prescribing more than 1,000 painkillers to a nursing instructor who later died from an overdose.

Dr. Mickey Ray Tyrrell was accused of prescribing excessive amounts of narcotics to Tammy Dawn Daniels, 35, of Vinita, who died Sept. 5, 2009. Tyrrell will have a hearing Jan. 13 before the state Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision.

“In my opinion there is no evidence of criminal violations by Dr. Tyrrell,” Haynes said in an e-mail. “A criminal charge would require proof that the actions of Dr. Tyrrell were the direct cause of death.”

Daniels died from acute combined drug toxicity from forms of the painkiller Demerol, according to an autopsy report by the state Medical Examiner’s Office.

A complaint filed by the state Attorney General’s Office states that Daniels’ body “had multiple visible injection sites,” but the complaint did not elaborate on how Daniels might have injected Demerol when it was prescribed to her in pill form.

Haynes said he could not comment about the evidence, citing confidential medical information.“In my opinion the actions of Dr. Tyrrell were not the direct cause of the death,” he said.

Tyrrell, who worked for Green Country Family Medicine in Vinita, would not comment on the to the complaint, pharmacy records from June 2 through Sept. 2, 2009, show that Tyrrell prescribed 990 50-milligram Demerol pills and 120 20-milligram OxyContin pills to Daniels. Records show that Tyrrell noted only two prescriptions for Demerol in Daniels’ chart, when he had written nine prescriptions, the complaint states.

Tyrrell told investigators he authorized the prescriptions but had no explanation as to why he documented only two of the nine.

In the last 35 days of Daniels’ life, she received 630 Demerol pills and 60 OxyContin pills, an average of 18.5 dosage units per day of Demerol, the complaint states.