State Rep. Doug Cox and state Sen. Charles Wyrick announced today that the board overseeing the quality of drinking water and safe and effective wastewater treatment services to the Monkey Island area of Grand Lake will apply for a $976,000 Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan for wastewater system improvements.

The Grand Lake Public Works Authority will use the loan to rehabilitate five lift stations, 43 manholes and 5,350 feet of collection lines; install a flow monitoring system and pumps; and pay related costs of issuance.

“The intent of the loan is to continue to protect the quality of the drinking water for the Monkey Island area residents,” Cox, R-Grove, said. “So far, the Grand Lake Public Works Authority has done an excellent job in protecting the quality of the water. This loan will allow them to continue and improve on their efforts.”

Wyrick, D-Fairland, said he was also pleased.

“I am pleased that these upgrades are being made and believe they will greatly benefit the residents of Monkey Island in Delaware County,” Wyrick said.

The Grand Lake Public Works Authority is located on Monkey Island. The loan was scheduled to be approved Sept. 8 at the regular meeting of the board.