Poncan Theatre

February 24th was the Oklahoma Originals Mystery Trip. The one-day tour promised to “rub elbows with the locals and have a one-of-a-kind entertainment.” After a quick stop in Bartlesville, we picked up none other than E.W. Marland himself. The Oklahoma Oil Baron told how he came to Indian Territory to search for oil. We then visited his “Palace on the Prairie,” the Marland Mansion. Another Oklahoma original, Head Country Barbeque catered lunch in the dining room and owner Danny Head stopped by to welcome us. The next stop was the new Standing Bear Museum, a beautiful tribute to the native Americans that were here and relocated here. We learned how Ponca City was literally settled overnight by a lottery system and Evelyn Houck won ours with everyone getting a little “piece of Ponca” with a small gift.

A city tour followed with a tour of the beautiful Poncan Theater which opened its doors in September of 1927. Stars like Will Rogers, Sally Rand and Charlie Daniels have been on stage when the curtain went up, but our Good to Go Travelers were surprised to see Grove’s own Terry Jordan at the Grand Piano when the curtain flew. We were treated to a variety of music and more surprises as Willamae and Aunt Viola Pearl Sparks were there to be part of the “Tickles and Tunes” afternoon.

We enjoyed dinner in Pawkusha with one of our favorite long-time drivers, John Reber joining us. But the big surprise of the day was being pulled over by the Washington Co. police near Bartlesville. Although I admit I’ve “arranged” these surprises before, this time I found myself in handcuffs and looking for explanations because I didn’t have a clue what was going on! It later came out that a certain B&B Carlson might have used their influence on their son-in-law the officer, to get one on the ol Fearless Leader. They did. That was an Oklahoma Original!

Don’t miss the next Mystery Trip - The Young and the Rest of Us. You never know what may happen (heck, I  don’t know what may happen!) but it will never be repeated! June 24-25, 2009. Click here for the printable flyer.

Just a reminder our next Good to Know meeting will be Monday, March 9th. Coffee & goodies at 9AM with the program following from 9:30 - 10:30AM. As usual it will be at the Celebration Hall First Christian Church, Grove, OK

This month our program will be presented by Grove’s EMT’s who will be presenting information on CPR and other emergency procedures. The process changes from time to time and it is good to stay up to date with the best ways to respond in an emergency. This will not be a certification class, just a refresher.

SIXCalling LIVE ENTERTAINMENT LOVERS! We still have spaces on our Branson by the Numbers trip March 31 - April 1. FLYER

Not your typical Branson, the three shows are “variety type” entertainment with the awesome shows SIX, Magnificent Seven and the Twelve Irish Tenors. Call right away - you deserve a little vacation!


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