KANSAS, OK- A Kansas woman under investigation for alleged child abuse has been arrested after investigators discovered marijuana in her home on December 8.

Cindy Marie Sanders, 27, of Kansas was arrested after officers came to her home to speak with her regarding an accusation of child abuse.

Officers noticed an odor associated with burnt marijuana coming from the bedroom of the Sanders’ home.

The child was checked for signs of abuse, but none were found.

Investigators then asked the suspect is she smoked marijuana and she replied that she did not.

When asked about the odor, she said a friend had been over earlier and her friend might have smoked some without her knowledge.

Investigators asked for, and received, permission to search the premises. During the search they discovered a clear plastic bag of a substance that field tested positive for marijuana.

Sanders was arrested and transported to the Delaware County jail where she later bonded out on a $1,000 bond.

She could face possible felony charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with 1000 feet of a school, park, recreation area, or in the presence of a child under 12.