To the Editor

Delaware County residents wake up and read the small print!!!! Our County Commissioners and a special “Board of Trustee,” have been working over a year on a new proposed jail in Jay. It came to the public attention just a couple months ago. The Commissioners have printed the agenda and approvals in the newspaper as they are required to do, but how many of us read the fine print of the public notices?

 Well. All of Delaware County is possibly going to be asked to vote a countywide sales tax increase on the upcoming May or August ballot. It seems that the Board is rushing this through without much notice to the citizens, or much planning. When asked about the particulars concerning this situation in recent commissioners meeting, the commissioners have left the community with many unanswered questions.

 And still yet the board seems unwilling to budge on the site issue, whish is proposed in the Jay Industrial Park. This site has been inactive in growth for a long time. How is this expected to promote growth? More importantly, this proposed location is only around 300 feet from the Jay Public School District property.

 We are concerned with the proximity to the school property, not to mention that prisoners will be transported through the school zone to and from the courthouse several times a day. This doesn’t sit well with several citizens!

 There is a problem of overcrowding, and we understand that. We have heard that the State of Oklahoma will chare the county $10,0000 per day for over crowding if there is not a plan in action. There has to be another solution!!!

Our request is that you read the fine print of all public notices, headlines, and ads and when asked for your vote on the important issues, think it thru thoroughly!!!!


The Citizens for Positive Change