Ivan Martin

Sometimes I have a hard time giving a report that isnít just like last week's. It is good the fish are biting as well as last week. Why are the crappie biting so well when in past years we couldnít find any?

The crappie are biting in and around boat docks as well as around brush piles out in the lake. I know of folks who are doing well with minnows but weíre using jigs. I cleaned several limits of really good ones this week.

The whites are biting great on grubs and small spinners in the mid-lake area. I led a guide trip for Bob Robinson and his grandson, Gage, this week and we caught over 100 in four hours, with 31 good ones in the mix. Some were really good sized.

Also this week, I had the opportunity to take my grandsons, seven year old Riley and nine year old Jacob. We stayed out only about two hours, but caught about 50 for our family fish fry, with about 30 keepers.

I had the opportunity to fish for black bass one full day this week. We caught about 15 keepers, with some good ones. We caught these fish very shallow, at about one foot or less. However, there is a deep bite at 15 to 20 feet deep using football head jigs.

Iím really slow to get the new gadgets to help catch fish. Donít tell my wife, but Iím buying new Lowrance electronics that have both side scan and down scan abilities. This is almost like cheating when it comes to finding structure and fish.

I didnít talk to any catfishermen this week but Iím sure they are biting if you are in the right place. Everything else is biting well right now.

Hope to see you on the water!