Steve Pace


If you want some ideas or help on your tournament, contact me and I will send you a very thorough GOLF TOURNAMENT PLANNING GUIDE at no charge.

APRIL 29: The date has been set for a golf tournament at Shangri-La benefiting the local American Red Cross: Friday, April 29 - After-lunch tee off (probably around 1:00 or 1:30) - Michele Fraley Director - 918-256-6143

MAY 6: 18th Annual GROVE Rotary tournament is at Patricia Island Golf Club, Grove. Contact Bob Daggett at 918-787-4073 or at Entries and hole sponsorships are due by May 3 at 2 p.m.

MAY 7: the 10th annual CGH Golf Tournament is May 7 at Patricia Island.  It is a 4 person scramble, 1:30 shotgun start.  Contact: Misty Bingham, Marketing at 918-256-7551  Ext. 396 or

JUNE 11: Adair Chamber of Commerce Tournament – Grand Cherokee Golf Course, Langley, OK Call Jay at 918-232-5237 or Donna at 918-232-1293

PLEASE let me know if you or someone you know is having a golf tournament so that I may list it in this report. Also, I donate a lot of lessons, etc to tournaments for fund raisers. Contact me.


Good equipment will speed up your development as a player, just as bad equipment will delay improvement. I have created a set of clubs that are from the Alpha Golf Company.

These are for men and ladies. You can grow the set as you develop but for now they are everything a new player needs. More full sets are also available. Finally you can get quality at reasonable pricing. They also include a $50 credit toward lessons. $350 no Bag; $400 with Bag.

State of the Art ALPHA GOLF CLUBS; for Men and Ladies;

Driver; 5 Fairway Wood; 3 Hybrid; Irons 7, 8, 9, Wedge and Putter.

Call or email me and I’ll send you the info via email.


When setting up to drive the golf ball (when it is teed up), I suggest that you make sure that your spine is not straight up and down. It should tilt back just a little away from your target. There are several ways to “feel” this: (1) drop your back shoulder just a little. (2) Feel your back knee and foot take just a little more weight and finally (3) feel the bottom of your lead foot barely touching the ground. As usual, I guarantee good results. If you are not satisfied, give me a call.


Just a brief note on my Junior Camps: I really emphasize that GOLF is meant to be FUN; that the kids get some self esteem out of the camp experience, and ultimately some knowledge.

Call me at 918-257-4967 for details (Ages 7 to 15). The camp will be from 9am to Noon

at Patricia Island Golf Club, Grove – June 6, 7, 8, and 9. A second camp will be at Grand Cherokee (Dam) , Langley – July 11, 12, 13, 14.

I just ordered some Junior Golf Sets (with a bag) that will sell for $150.



If so, please read this…GRAND LAKE GOLF SCHOOL is now the official “Fitter” for in this area. This is a new fitting system in which we can measure instantaneously if you have the right frequency shafts in your clubs. The inventor and developer proved to me that 60 percent of all golfers are playing with the wrong shaft frequency. Simplified, this just means you either get the club face square back to the ball naturally or by force. Go to Naturally is of course best. We offer a fitting and swing lesson for $50; If you replace and order your shafts at $45 each including grip, we credit the $50 to your purchase. Or, ask us about our demo plan. Call Steve at 918-257-4967.


The forgetful “old-timer” golfer said to the youngsters, “Kids, come with me and play a round of golf, and I will share with you all of the secrets to a successful golf round that I have learned over the years. I will teach you what, when and where; I will teach you everything you need to know to be happy and successful.”

The kids all joined the “old-timer” and they trekked all the way out to the first tee box. The weather was fabulous, the sun was bright, the birds were singing, the wind was just right and the sky was a beautiful dark blue. All conditions were perfect. The “old-timer” teed up his ball and took his set up position and addressed the ball, he struck a magnificent drive right down the middle.

He turned and said to the kids gathered behind the tee…… “What are you all doing here?”

Steve Pace is a certified golf instructor at Grove’s Patricia Island Golf Club. For information on lessons or equipment, or to pass along any golf-related news, contact Steve at 918-257-4967 or by email at You can visit his website at