Where did the year go? Looking back it has been a good year for fishing. Here's a summary of how I think things went this past year:

Crappie- the fishing has sure picked up compared to a couple of years ago. We caught a lot more fish, especially from the deeper brush piles and around the boat docks. I don't think the crappie were on the banks in the spring as good as some years in the past, but still a lot better than in the poor years. It looks like the crappie season coming up is going to be even better. We're getting them really good now, especially from the docks.

White bass- It was a funny year. The whites that travel to the rivers were a little off in their spawn. Especially those going to the Spring and Neosho rivers. They were there in good numbers but left early. We had to go to the backs of the little creeks to catch them in the spawn. The fish were spotty on the humps all summer and didn't surface as much as normal. Just when we thought something was wrong with the whites we caught them great all fall on windy points. They're biting really good under some docks right now, mixed in with the crappie.

The black bass fishing continues to be great. Not much has changed over the last three years except the fish are biting. We had a 48 degree water temperature the other day and caught them really well.

I tell my customers we have more spoonbill than anywhere in the world. Nothing has changed. I pray we catch them as good as we did last year.

I hope you have a good year too!