David Reeder

Special to the Grove Sun

Over the past decade it has been my privilege to cover sports chiefly,†in what I fondly refer to as Ďmy part of Delaware County.í† And over that time I have developed a great fondness for the coaches and teams that I write about.† I know Iíve said a hundred times that I hate the Kansas/Colcord football and basketball games because I have to watch one of my friends getting beat.† The same thing goes for those occasions when Jay or Oaks tangles with anyone else in the county.† But, one of the unexpected benefits of all of this has been the scores of friends that Iíve made with the Delaware County fans.† You all know who you are.

You are the loyal Moms and Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, extended family, Alumni and friends.

You are there when your teamís 4-0 or 0-4.† You are the ones that always have a good-natured rib or a kind word for this rapidly aging sportswriter.† And because of these relationships that I treasure, it is important for you to know the reason for my forthcoming, albeit hopefully short, absence from the area sports scene.

By the time this article is printed I will have already undergone surgery to remove a pair of troublesome spots on my left lung.† Iíll not boor you with the litany of my medical history, nor the journey that has brought me to this crossroad.† Most of you know it anyway.† Iím convinced that my faith and your prayers are the reason Iím here today.†

And I have no reason to believe that this challenge will be any different.† At first, I told the doctor that I was sure that Iíd be back on the beat by basketball season.† Then tonight I told my wife Patti that I might could make it back for the football playoffs.† Iím pretty sure that she rolled her eyes when she said, ďWeíll see when the time comes, Honey.Ē† Well, I guess thatís where Iíll leave it. Iíll see you when the time comes.