Ivan Martin

Summer is really here. It is hot but not so bad if you go out early.

We caught blacks well this week on soft plastics. Years ago my favorite summer bass lure on Grand was an eight inch curly tail worm made by Gene Larew. I thought there was no other bait any better, but I had gotten away from it. This week, I decided to try it again and the bass really bit it. The color is grape big red which I think is important also. We caught several good bass on it, fishing both the banks and the lake ends of boat docks. The bass like to suspend under the floatation this time of year. Use a quarter ounce or less worm weight and fish the outside corners of the docks. The fish are just under the docks, not on the bottom.

The white bass have been hard to find on the humps like they usually are in the summer. We’re catching them surfacing in the Elk River Arm. These are really good some days and harder to find other days.

The crappie are still biting some. Well, I am still catching them fairly well some days and it is tougher others. I have heard stories of good numbers of crappie coming out of some boat docks but you have to catch a lot of fish and sort through the little ones to get a limit.

I haven’t seen any of the blue green algae yet but it is still present in some areas. Be careful and you shouldn’t have a problem. The wildlife and DEQ folks have told us the fish are okay to eat if you clean them well and wash them. Be careful on the water.

Bud Note: We contacted Pam Baldwin, the DEQ Blue Green Algae Specialist and posed the safety question. Here is her reply:


Eating fish on Grand should be okay as long as the fish is cleaned extremely well. Meaning the meat is thoroughly washed after filet and all organs are removed. Please let me know if you need any more help or have questions. Thanks!

Pamela Baldwin

See you on the lake!