David Reeder

Special to the Grove Sun

JAY-One step inside either Bulldog Arena or the old Jay High School Gymnasium one was assailed by the cacophony of bouncing balls, whistles, scoreboard horns and cheering as the Annual Lady Bulldog Hoops Camp was underway this past Monday through Thursday.  Joining the JHS coaching staff and support personnel, were members of the Lady Bulldog players basketball teams, that in addition to the scores of campers, numbered well over a hundred.  Camp Director and Lady Bulldog head coach, Terry Sweeney said, “This not only gives them (campers) the chance to improve their individual skills, but it also give us a chance to see what kind of talent we can look forward to.”  Nodding toward his myriad of  charges on the Bulldog Arena floor, Assistant Coach Monte Gaston summed things up succinctly say, “You never know, there might be the next All-Stater out there.”

    While getting the opportunity to participate in shooting drills and game play, the attendees competed in an ’Iron Woman Competition.’  The individual campers were scored in dribbling, rebound, lay ups and gotcha categories, where their totals were tallied for an overall score and awards were given to the top three scorers in one of three age categories.