The USA Gymnastic team at Grand Lake Gymnastics has done it again- and again- with two excellent showings at recent competitions.

Members of the team attended their largest event of the season, the Folger’s New Year Invitational held at Wichita State University in early January and took home some of the meet’s biggest prizes.

The Archangels, the name of the Grand Lake club, maintained their focus, strength and discipline to earn some incredible scores, scoop up loads of medals and ribbons, and claim a second place team banner to hang on the wall.

WSU devoted the Heskett Center to the competition. With the space of five basketball courts, organizers were able to run two meets at once making for eight events, two different levels, and well over fifty girls competing at the same time.

On January 18th the Archangels were back in action for a competition at Reed Park in Tulsa.  Building on their results from the Folger’s meet Grand Lake’s finest captured the Team Championship Trophy at the Oklahoma event.

Archangel Head Coach Josh Fletcher was proud of the team results.

“You know, these scores are incredible, but even greater than that are the personal victories for these girls,” Fletcher said. “They’ve been hitting dismounts that they’ve struggled with and overcome mistakes on one event to go onto another and contribute to the team score.

“It’s just such a great honor to be a part of what they’re doing right now,” Fletcher added.

Archangel sponsor H&H Laboratory treated the team to a night out at a favorite pizza parlor as the girls broke training for a night of celebration.

The GLG Archangels compete again at the Aspire Invitational at Barnhill Arena on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville on February 1.

Folger’s NYI Results

    Entrant        Div    AA Score    Place Ultim AA     Place

Rhonda Hardesty     12+     36.35     1st     36.85     1st

Delaney Patterson     11     34.85     6th     35.5         3rd

McKayla Kramer     11     35.7         4th     35.6         2nd

Miranda Wiseley     11     37.35     1st     36.7         1st

Morgan Wooten     11     37.15     2nd     N/A         N/A

Victoria Cash         11     34.55     7th     36.55     1st

Harley Fletcher         9     36.05     1st     36.55     2nd

Emily Porter         12+     33.35     6th     34.7         7th

Ashley Hampton     12+     N/A         N/A     34.7         8th