Ivan Martin

The bass fishing on Grand is good now and I think ready to explode. We fished several days this past week and caught fish every day, including some nice ones some days. The fish we caught were biting shakey heads, jigs and spinner baits. One day, my first cast of the day was a 6.1 pounder and on another day, in a different part of the lake, my first cast was a 5 pounder. The water is warming up to where they should be thinking of spawning.

The crappie are biting on the boat docks but I haven’t found them on any main lake brush piles yet. Just like the bass, they’ll be moving up to spawn soon. Real soon!

Jerry Kropff is my catfish expert and he’s having trouble finding them with any great success. I did see a man catching them fishing from a boat dock throwing out in a cove. This is a dock where they clean a lot of fish and that is always a good place for catfish to hang out.

Hank Souders and Mark Bolte have been snagging a lot of spoonbills. This action will be good for a little longer but will be over in a couple of weeks as the fish will be through with their spawn.