Guy Ellis

The Good Ship Ridgerunner is set to weigh anchor in Locust Grove tonight for a 4A-3 match-up with the Pirates.

Grove enters the Halloween contest with a perfect 8-0 record and a Class 4A #2 ranking as well as the top spot in District 3.

Locust Grove has compiled a 2-6 record so far in 2008 and resides at the bottom of the district rankings.

Quaterback Matt Luetjen will lead the Pirate offense tonight. The junior signal caller has posted 1015 yards on the ground this season with 13 touchdowns and has compiled 731 yards through the air with seven scoring strikes. Luetjen has four interceptions for ’08 and has hit 35 of 96 attempts.

Lucas Raith rounds out the Pirate ground game with 694 yards on the season with six touchdowns.

Tight end Derrick Luetjen is the leading receiver for Locust Grove with 10 nabs while Adrian Houser is the yardage leader for the air corps with 293.

Locust Grove has averaged 235 yards on the ground per game this season and 91 passing yards.

Meanwhile the Ridgerunner defense has held their opponents to an average of 137 yards on the ground through eight games and 92 passing yards. (see sidebar for full statistical breakdown)

The Pirate offense has shown discipline with the football this season. The unit has recorded five turnovers; one fumble to go with the four interceptions.

Countering that is a Grove defense responsible for creating 34 turnovers so far in ’08.

Besides being the leading producer for the Locust Grove offense Matt Luetjen is also the leading tackler for the Pirate defense with 76 credits from his defensive back position. Linebacker Greg Tugmon has 73 stops while Derrick Luetjen has posted 61 from the defensive line.

The Locust Grove defense will be playing trick or treat with a Grove offense that is averaging 330 yards a game and 35 points.

A win for the Pirates tonight would be the hallmark of what has to have been a trying season to this point.

As for the Ridgerunners their goals tonight are clear: win, remain undefeated, and collect the full 15 district points as they have in all of their 4A-3 games in ’08.

Ridgerunner Defense through week 8


RUSHING                137

PASSING                92

TOTAL                230

TURNOVERS            34



Bobby Harris                91

Trent Phillips                61

Dusty Gehrke                53

Weston Culvey            51

Connor Sarwinski            45

Antonio Trillo                36

Casey Bartley                33

Stephen Whitesell            32

Ryan Miller                30

Laramie Raymond            30

David Scott                26

Brody Scott                26

Braeden Downes            20

Tyler Spychalski            14

Jake Martin                11

Corey Swartz                11

TJ Griffith                8

Tyler Crossley                3

Corey Davenport            3

Michael Fenlon            3

Jesse Carper                2

Michael Hudgens            1

Jarrod Leach                1

Buck Maples                1

Jake Nelson                1

Adam Steffenson            1

Trent Winters                1


Weston Culvey            3

Bobby Harris                3

Ryan Miller                3

Laramie Raymond            2

Stephen Whitesell            2

David Scott                1


Dusty Gehrke                7

Braeden Downes            5

Tyler Spychalski            3

Corey Davenport            1


Weston Culvey            3

David Scott                3

Trent Phillips                2

Brody Scott                2

Tyler Spychalski            2

Casey Bartley                1

Dusty Gehrke                1

Michael Hudgens            1

Bobby Harris                1

Connor Sarwinski            1

Stephen Whitesell            1