Ivan Martin

One question we hear asked all the time is ďAre the fish biting?Ē Well, if you had just caught them yesterday, the answer would be yes, theyíre biting great. They were almost jumping into the boat.

On the other hand, if you had been going out and not doing any good, you might tell that person who asked not to waste their time. Honestly, the fish are biting almost all of the time. You just have to be in the right area of the lake throwing the right type of bait. There are exceptions of course, but the fish will bite good almost every day. You just have to be in the right place, which is hard to do all the time.

We are catching crappie well on Grand but Iím not catching them at all where we did a month ago. We had a spot around Goat Island where we limited-out but we canít catch anything there now. Weíre fishing some new mid-lake brush piles and catching some, but yesterday I went to an old spot in Drowning Creek and they were loaded. Weíre using jig heads with Bobby Garland Baby Shad as trailers. There are still a lot of reports of folks catching crappie from their boat docks on jigs and minnows. We have also been going to Lake Eucha and catching crappie.

We have been limiting out every day weíve gone on white bass in the mid-lake area. Throw any type of bait up to a windy bank and you should do well. Remember, I did say windy bank! The one day it was tough fishing this week was when the lake was smooth as glass with no wind. It was difficult that day but still some fish were caught. People are also catching them trolling close the bank. Last year at this time Drowning Creek was where we were catching them, but now I think it is better from Sailboat Bridge to Horse Creek.

With the crappie biting so well, I havenít spent much time checking out the black bass this week. I did throw the new Gene Larew Salt Flicker on a shakey head jig and caught some good ones, but only fished it a short time. This is going to be a great bait, but I donít think you can buy it yet since it is brand new. I have seen a lot of guys throwing spinner baits. It is the right time of year for a spinner bait.

I donít do much catfishing and I apologize for not always being up to par on my reports about them. I have seen quite a few folks drifting for cats around Shangri la. Iím writing this report on Sunday and Iím taking the day off and going to church.