Guy Ellis

The Grove Ridgerunner wrestling team spent Tuesday evening in Claremore for the District Quad meet. The Grove grapplers went 1-2 on the evening, losing a close battle with Tulsa East Central, 33-40, defeating Miami, 66-15, and falling to eventual District Champion Claremore, 15-57.

Claremore, who entered the quad ranked number two in the latest 5A coach’s dual poll, defeated Miami 72-3 and East Central 60-23. East Central downed Miami 42-24.

The Ridgerunner dual record now sits at 11-3 for the season.

Grove’s Connor Sarwinski went 3-0 at the meet in the 152 lbs class. Damien Hopper posted a 3-0 record while splitting matches at 112 lbs and 119 lbs.

Ridgerunner senior Dusty Gehrke went 2-1 at 160 lbs. Junior Zach Housley went 2-1 splitting matches at 119 lbs and 125 lbs. Sophomore Bryce Armstrong carried a 2-1 record at 130 lbs. Spencer Rutherford went 1-1 at 125 lbs.

From here the Ridgrunner squad will begin preparations for the Jay Dual Tournament this weekend. Action begins at noon on Friday and will run through Saturday evening.

Grove 33, East Central 40

103- Josh Popp (G) forfeit; 112- Damien Hopper (G) d David Bell F2; 119- Zach Housley (G) d Tyler Benton F1; 125- Spencer Rutherford (G) d James Duncan F2; 130- Bryce Armstrong (G) d Jake Shell 16-0; 135- Ed Boyd d Dusty Baker (G) 7-2; 140- Jeremy Goree forfeit; 145- Marquise Jones d Jarrod Leach (G) 13-1; 152- Connor Sarwinski (G) d Richard Hughes 9-1; 160- Dylan Ussrey d Dusty Gehrke (G) F3; 171- Kebian Ross d Michael Fenlon (G) F1; 189- Loren Lewis d Andrew Callaway (G) F2; 215- Andy Robinson d Weston Culvey (G) 5-3 OT; HWT- Pearlie Graves d Tyler Johnson (G) F1

Grove 66, Miami 15

103- Josh Popp (G) forfeit; 112- Levi Wangen (G) d Nick Mabury F2; 119- Damien Hopper (G) d Randy Collins F1; 125- Zach Housley (G) d Caleb Potter F1; 130- Bryce Armstrong (G) d Colby Anderson F3; 135- Dusty Baker (G) forfeit; 140- Blaine Fields; 145- Joe Lamb d Jarrod Leach (G) 7-2; 152- Connor Sarwinski (G) d Eli Marquez F1; 160- Dusty Gehrke (G) d Grant Bigby F2; 171- Michael Fenlon (G) forfeit; 189- Tyler Johnson d Andrew Callaway (G) F2; 215- Weston Culvey (G) forfeit; HWT- Tyler Johnson (G) d Jose Fonseca F2

Grove 15, Claremore 57

103- Caleb Freeman d Josh Popp (G) F1; 112- Damien Hopper (G) forfeit; 119- Michael Williams d Zach Housley (G) 4-2; 125- Jordan Basks d Spencer Rutherford (G) 8-1; 130- Dakota Basks d Bryce Armstrong (G) 7-0; 135- Josh Hausen d Dusty Baker (G) F1; 140- Anthony Buzzeki d Jarrod Leach (G) F1; 145- Andrew Hocutt forfeit; 152- Connor Sarwinski (G) d Blake Mahory 6-2; 160- Dusty Gehrke (G) d Gavin Smith F1; 171- Ryan Garrett d Michael Fenlon (G) F1; 189- Josh Cunningham d Andrew Callaway (G) F1; 215- Ryan Swaney d Weston Culvey (G) F2; HWT- Chase Robinson d Tyler Johnson (G) F1