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John Wells, owner of the Outrigger Motel, Grove, Oklahoma strikes the ultimate at the Patricia Island Golf Club (Grove); Date: Thursday, 11/19/09, Hole #11, Par 3, 128 yards. John used a wedge to get his first hole in one. By the way, I am still one ‘hole in one’ ahead of him.

We all watched as the ball drifted toward the pin and then it sort of partly disappeared. I said I thought it was a leaner (up against the pin, but not in). As we were peering to figure out if it was close, low and behold the ball just drop out of sight, in to the cup with the flag pin in, and all. I could claim that he accomplished this because he was playing with me (a golf instructor) except that he was on the way to beating me anyway.

Witnessed by: Ben Lancaster, Randall Hendricks and Steve Pace

This was the first time that Ben or Randall had witnessed a hole in one.

Congratulations John!


RICHMOND, Texas – Michelle Wie’s breakthrough victory created a bidding frenzy Tuesday night at the LPGA Tour Championship pro-am pairings party. Michael Maggi, 43, an energy trader from Houston, successfully bid $22,000 for the right to play golf with Wie in Wednesday’s pro-am.  Maggi said he came to the pairings party determined to win the bid but never expecting he would have to pay more than $10,000. Technically, Maggi wasn’t bidding on Wie. The auction, complete with a professional auctioneer in a cowboy hat, was for the right to make the first pick at the pairings party.

“Everyone knew that was going to be Michelle Wie,” Maggi said.


On the range, while you are hitting long irons concentrate on your spine not moving left or right. Imagine it is spinning like an armature. Cock your wrists to get more club head speed. DO NOT BEND YOUR LEAD ARM! This will create a natural increase in arm/club head speed which equals more distance. 


A golfer has an advantage over a fisherman.

Golfer’s don’t have to produce anything to prove their story.

Keep it in the Middle!