JAY- The Kansas boys and the Leach girls both rolled to easy victories on Thursday night to claim the titles at the 2010 Sixth Grade Delaware County Basketball Tournament.

Kansas defeated Leach in the boys’ championship game by a score of 34-17, completing an impressive three-game run in which they defeated Kenwood 35-25 in the first round and dispatched the Grove “B” squad 44-5 in the semifinals.

The Grove “A” squad, which lost to Leach 27-21 in the semifinals, took third place, while Kenwood took fifth with a 21-17 overtime win over Jay.

The Leach girls defeated Kenwood in the finals 29-18 after squeaking out an 18-17 win in the semifinals over Kansas. Leach defeated Grove 24-14 in the first round of the tournament.

Kansas defeated Jay 21-17 to take third place, while Colcord ran away from Grove 26-14 for fifth.