Candy Woodruff

Special to the Grove Sun

Candy Woodruff

Special to The Grove Sun

COLCORD – While Colcord’s roster boasted 11 seniors to Wyandotte’s five, the Bears’ youngsters managed a scrappy offense and a decent defense throughout the game but were unable to stave off the Hornets during Friday’s homecoming game at Colcord.

Colcord set the tone for the game early in the first quarter when senior quarterback Canaan Sherrell threw the first of many touchdown passes to senior tailback Chris Aguilar who made the goal after a four-yard run and followed the touchdown with the extra point.

Sherrell would throw two more TD passes before the quarter was up, one to sophomore receiver Austin Gilbert and one to senior wide receiver Rusty James.

Gilbert caught the four-yard pass mid-way through the quarter, but the kick failed, bringing the score to 13-0. That was the only failed PAT of the night.

It was freshman quarterback Ryan Garrett who started the Bears’ first scoring drive with a 10-yard run, followed by a couple of short tosses to sophomore tight end Andrew Douthit, getting the Bears to the 40-yard line. But it was a 24-yard pass to junior tight end Colton McCloud that put the Bears on the scoreboard with 1:50 left in the first quarter.

The kick by junior Martin Torres was good, putting a score of 20-7 on the board.

With less than a minute to go, Bears junior cornerback Mitchell Weisinger made a phenomenal interception on a wild pass, giving Wyandotte the ball at the top of the second quarter at the 35-yard line on the second down with seven yards to go.

Less than a minute into the second quarter, Sherrell returned the favor by intercepting a 35-yard pass and turned it into a touchdown for Colcord, bringing the score to 27-7.

The Hornets would score once more before the end of the half with a four-yard pass from Sherrell to Aguilar, bringing the score to 34-7.

With a minute left in the first half it looked like Wyandotte might put another goal on the board. They were within scoring range at first and goal on the nine-yard line, but Colcord’s defense pushed the Bears back to the 13-yard line and then caused a fumble.

The ball was picked up by Colcord junior tackle Dustin DeMoss who carried it to the 30-yard line, giving the Hornets the first down and running the clock down to 23 seconds.

The Hornets were able to get another first down and, with 12 seconds left on the clock, it looked like Aguilar’s run from the 35-yard line was going to put him over the line giving Colcord another TD, but the clock ran out first.

The second half didn’t start out any better than the first for the Bears who fumbled on their first carry, allowing Colcord senior wide receiver Chance Staneart to recover the ball at the 37-yard line.

After that it was a Colcord pitch-back to the tackle, moving the chains to the 17-yard line, giving Aguilar his third touchdown of the night bringing the score to 41-7 in just under three minutes into the third quarter.

The Wyandotte defense was able to keep the Colcord offense at bay for almost the rest of the quarter until Colcord sophomore running back Zach Riley caught a 35-yard pass from Sherrell, running it in for a touchdown. Although the Bears had possession of the ball for the rest of the third, the clock ran out before they could score, giving Colcord a 48-7 lead at the end of the quarter.

The Bears had possession of the ball at the top of the fourth until Riley intercepted on a long pass and ran it back to the 40-yard line, setting the scene for Austin Gilbert, who came in as quarterback, to run the ball 65 yards for the Hornet’s eighth TD of the night, bringing the score to 55-7 in the first 30 seconds of the fourth quarter.

As with the third quarter, the Bears were able to stymie Colcord’s offense for the rest of the quarter, but the damage was already done.

With nine minutes left, Colcord started putting in freshman players, allowing for an oversnapped ball at the goal line with Wyandotte senior offensive lineman Josh Thompson recovering in the end zone for the Bears’ second TD of the night and only 1:07 left on the clock. Opting for a two-point conversion instead of the extra point, Garrett ran the ball into the end zone, finalizing the score at 55-15.