There aren't very many folks out on the lake now, but there's still some good fishing to be found. I guided a bass fishing trip for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon in which about 20 bass were caught. We only had two over 3 pounds, but the bite was sure good for numbers. All of them were caught either on a jerk bait or a jig. The fish were in four to eight feet of water. The water temperature was 43 degrees.

We went crappie fishing a couple days ago and we caught about a hundred, with only 14 keepers out of the hundred. We fished a private boat dock but I prefer to find them where we can catch them from a boat. I was planning to go Monday morning but it was a little too windy.

A few days ago the white bass were biting around Bernice Bridge but I haven't heard anything in the last few days. The shad on the lake are really thick. If you get in the right spot you can't see the bottom on your locator for trying to shoot a signal through the schools of fish. Every year we have a shad kill when the water temperature gets cold enough and some folks are worried about it. We have so many shad in Grand we could lose half of them and it not hurt anything.

If you're looking for something to buy that fisherman in your family for Christmas, a gift certificate for a guide trip might be something you would want.