Ivan Martin

Why do the fish bite one day and not another?

You catch them all week long at one place early in the morning using the same baits and catch them every day after that. But then on some days they are just not there.

I guess that is why we call it fishing instead of just catching.

We have been doing great on big whites the last few days in the mid lake area but one day we didnít do so well.

The only difference was that the sea gulls were not present the day we didnít catch. The gulls always tell you when the baitfish are around.

I have heard a lot of black bass stories the last few days. Guys are catching them on top-waters, crankbaits and big worms.

Iím catching them on senkos while fishing in very, very shallow water. I donít think the water has been 6 inches deep in a lot of the places we have been fishing.

Hank Souders and Mark Bolte caught a lot of blue cats the other day drifting in water about 30 feet deep west around Sweetwater Bay.

It is a good time to fish now that the water has cooled some.

See you on the lake.

Ivan Martin is the owner of Martinís Landing Guide Service on Monkey Island. He has over 20 years of fishing experience on Grand Lake. He can be contacted at 918-260-7743 or ivan@grandfishingreport.com or at www.grandfishingreport.com.