Ivan Martin

Folks always ask me when the best time to go fishing is.

They ask what month is best. They ask me what time of day is the best fishing.

You would think that after all these years I would know the answer to these questions but I do not.

Every year is different as to when the best month to catch a lot of fish is, especially when fishing for black bass and white bass. We have some educated guesses as to when the best time is but it changes every year.

Also, folks will call me and want to book a trip and I will tell them that the fish are biting the best early in the morning. By the time they want to go and have booked in the morning, the fish are just tearing us up in the afternoon or evening.

I have come to the understanding that you just have to go get your line wet. Donít worry about when you go so much as the fish will bite when they want to and they are hard to outguess.

This last week we had some good mornings and good evenings also. The whites bit really well in the evenings with my group catching over 100 one evening with a lot of big ones. The sea gulls were the key.

The mornings were not a reliable for the whites but we still caught some.

Tony Lynn of Langley fished with his son Bob and two grandsons Jake and Justin last week in the morning and the grandsons showed us how it was done.

We caught some good blacks fishing early in the morning this past week using weightless senkos and topwaters. This action will be good for a while now.

We caught quite a few crappie this week but we are having trouble catching very many keepers. It is good to see the little ones once again in Grand Lake as they have been hard to come by for the last few years. The little ones will grow up some day.

The fall is my favorite time to fish. There is lots of good fishing and it is just so pleasant to be outside.

We are planning our annual winter trips to Mexico for bass fishing and if anyone wants to go we have a little room left. If you are interested give me a call.

See you on the lake,† Ivan