I have GOLF GIFT CERTIFICATES that can be personalized and emailed to you for that "really different" gift with no expiration date. These certificates can used for golf lessons, golf equipment or golf club repair, (new grips, etc.). Contact me at or call 918-257-4967.



Develop a one piece takeaway. As you take your club head back, notice it is the shoulders that move the club head. Not your hands, wrists or arms. As usual, if this doesn't help, give me a call at 918-257-4967.

Shaft Flex fittings now available

NEW .... "Helps the amateurs more than the pros!"

If you aren't "SHAFT FLEX FITTED" you are at a disadvantage before you even tee up.

So, please read this...GRAND LAKE GOLF ACADEMY is now the official "Fitter" for in this area.

This is a new fitting system in which we can measure instantaneously if you have the right frequency shafts in your clubs. The inventor and developer proved to me that 60 percent of all golfers are playing with the wrong shaft frequency. Simplified, this just means you get the club face square back to the ball naturally or by force. Get the whole story by going to Naturally is of course best. We offer a fitting and swing lesson for $50. If you replace and order your shafts at $55 each including grip, we credit the $50 to your purchase. You can even use your club heads.

Call Steve at 918-257-4967 or Dave Rycroft at 918-791-5689.


From my friend Rob Steinkirchner:

The Outdoors Man

I told my friend, "This morning I waded across a raging river, escaped from a bear in the woods, marched up and down a mountain, stood in a patch of poison ivy and crawled out of quicksand."

My friend said, "You must be some outdoorsman!"

"No", I replied. "I'm just a crappy golfer."

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