JAY- Moseley’s eighth-grade boys and Jay’s eighth-grade girls won titles at the 2010 Jay Junior High Basketball Tournament held on the campus of Jay Middle School and High School last week.

The Moseley boys defeated Jay 53-30 in the finals to complete an impressive three-game run. They also defeated Miami 57-34 in the semifinals and Locust Grove 54-42 in the first round.

The Kansas Comets, who fell to Jay 37-35 in the semifinals, finished in third place with a 30-27 win over Miami.

The Jay eighth-grade girls won a hard-fought battle over Kansas 44-37 in the championship game. Jay reached the finals by defeating Decatur 39-32 in the first round and Locust Grove 48-18 in the semifinals.

Grove’s eighth-grade girls finished third by defeating Locust Grove 29-19. They also won over Moseley 26-19 before falling to Kansas 30-23 in the semifinals. Moseley would finish in fifth with wins over Miami and Westville.

In other brackets the Kansas Comets finished third in the seventh-grade boys division with a 47-40 win over Gravette. Colcord finished fifth with a 32-26 win over Locust Grove. In the seventh-grade girls Jay finished second with a 41-38 loss to Locust Grove after wins over Gravette and Westville. Kansas finished  third with a 36-18 win over Westville.