Ivan Martin

Spring is finally here. At least the water temperatures are getting above 60 degrees.

I have been out fishing every day this past week, with mixed results. The black bass fishing has been really good for us most days. We havenít been catching a ton of fish but the quality has really been good. Weíve had several three to six pound fish this past week. It hasnít mattered too much which end of the lake we fished either in that we have caught them from the Elk River to the lower end.

As usual, weíre throwing a Gene Larew Salt Flicker, which is similar to a Senko rigged on a shakey head jig head. This is my go-to bait. I have talked to several fellows who have been getting them on jigs and spinner baits as well. I donít know why but we havenít been getting very many small bites. I visited with some guys throwing small brush hogs who said they were catching a lot of small bass.

When are the crappie ever going to go to the bank? It has to be soon. A lot of crappie are coming from the dark water of private boat docks but not many spawners yet.

Iíve fished quite a bit for whites below the dam and there are a lot of fish there but it is crowded. We should be getting them on the main lake soon as they move down from the river. The lake is clear down-lake and getting better in the mid-lake area.

There was a big tournament on the lake Sunday but I chose to avoid the crowd and fish Eucha instead.