Guy Ellis

Competitive swimming is regarded by many as a sport that requires some of the most intensive conditioning of any sporting endeavor. The Olympic gold medalists that splash across television screens internationally every four years arrived at that destination through hours of rigorous training done almost daily for years.

Kyhle Hill is one person who knows well the dedication and physical exertion that it takes to be a successful competitive swimmer.

Hill is a 14-year-old Grove resident who is the son of Argyl and Dawn Hill. Hill has been involved with the sport since the age of eight. Earlier this month Hillís resolve was rewarded when he took home two medals from the Missouri Valley Division I Championship Meet in Witchita, Kansas.

At the meet Hill qualified for eight individual events and three team relay races. Hill took home a second place medal in the 50-meter freestyle race with a time that earned a AAAA rating. Hill finished the 100-meter butterfly class with an eighth-place medal and a AA rating for his time.

There were 41 teams at the Championship representing over 3,300 swimmers. The event is sponsored by the Wichita Swim Club and is sanctioned for swimmers that have posted Division I rated times in their events.

Hill swims for the Jasper County Killer Whales team. The team is based out of Webb City, Missouri. Hill and his family travel to Webb City five days a week, year-round, for his practices and training. Hill has been with the team since he was 8 years old. Hill is coached by Jared Jeffries and Shawn Klosterman.

Although a resident of Grove, Hill attends Will Rogers Middle School in Miami, as his mother is a teacher at the Miami High School.