Lee Jeffery

You want to be careful when you're asked to go fishing. Yesterday about eight a.m. I walked into the coffee shop to visit with the fellows. Jerry and Big Bob came in and said they were going fishing; wanted to know if I would like to join them.

"I would love to, I said, but I don't have my winter clothes."

They agreed to wait on me while I went to change. One is always eager to fish with these guys, and due to recent events I hadn't been fishing much. I should've known better though; it has happened a couple of other times, but not with these winter temperatures setting on freezing.

To make a long day short, it was nine p.m. when I pulled into the drive. Fishing, well we had made a day of it! We caught 39 catfish, I'm not sure how many of the catch were over 10 lbs. We had one 10 lb. drum, five or six over 15 lbs. and a couple near 30 lbs. Jerry, for years has released all fish 8 lbs or over. He has a counter and keeps track of everyone's catch. I even had a big one or two that they released.

The fish would bite for 30 minutes or so then we would have to move. We'd catch them for a while, move, and then would have two or three on at the same time. Couldn't have had a better trip I don't think. I enjoyed every minute of the day; however, it got a little cool, as the sun had left the lake before we did.

The day seemed a little long for an old man like me. I was surprised that we didn't see any other fishermen.

The Grove boat show is this weekend; Friday the 14th, Saturday the

15th and Sunday the 16th. The fishing seminar line-ups are some of Grand Lake's finest fishermen. Hank Souders, who has caught one of the largest black bass out of the lake; Darrel Robertson, a pro-fisherman from the Grove area that is working on his second million in winnings, Jeff Williams, and Jerry Kropff; winners of some of the nations biggest catfish tournaments. Have Jerry tell you about his Monday trip. Eddie Clark; Grand Lake Bass Association fisherman of the year will be there, as will Ottis Dempsey, an expert spoon bill guide. Tony Coatnery and Ivan Martin; fishing guides for crappie and white bass will also be there. The fishermen will be happy to answer any of the questions you may have about Grand Lake fishing. Come out and meet the fishermen!

Until next time, this is Lee Jeffery with the Grand Lake Fishing Report.