Ivan Martin

You can get a lot of conflicting stories on how the fish are biting. You talk to one person and the bite is terrible and talk to another and he is catching them better than he has in years.

This comes to mind because the other day I heard a fishing guide say that he had never seen the white bass fishing this bad this time of year.

I guess I could have told him that we had been catching them as good as I have ever caught them this time of year. The key is we had found them in one certain area of the lake and they have been staying there for several days now. The other guide had not found them and was fishing water without any fish in it.

The key now is finding the seagulls that are concentrated on whites that are blowing up on schools of shad.

I took my grandsons (Jacob, age 8 and Riley, age 6) this weekend and we caught 50 in an hour with about half of them being keepers. Also this week I fished with Bill Hinkle and Steve Wegrzn of Tulsa and they could not believe that you could make 30 cast in a row and catch a fish.

Les Dunnavent of the Coves and I fished this week and we had a good day on crappie. We caught about 75 crappie with about 25 keepers. We caught them in several spots from 15 to 25 feet deep. It has been a few years since I have been confident about catching a lot of crappie on Grand but things are looking up! We used jigs on all our fish.

I talked to Jerry Kropft this morning about catfishing and he said the fishing was a little slower since the lake has came up. Usually the fishing gets better as the lake rises but sometimes the catfish suspend in a rise. This makes for a tough bite when they do this.

I personally did not black bass fish at all this last week. In the

Triton bass tournament this weekend it took about 29 lbs to win the two-day event.

I think that the bass fishing will be great this fall as the water cools. I will be out there tomorrow fishing for them if I can keep my hand off of my crappie rod.

See you on the water.