Ivan Martin

This week the fishing has been great except for one day when the weather wasnt too good. That one day we were fishing for white bass. The weather was perfect for enjoying the day but not for the white bass to bite well. The lake was like glass, with no wind at all. You need some breeze to move the fish to the banks. We still caught some, but it was tougher than the other days. When we fished for white bass when the wind was blowing a little we killed them, including a lot of really good ones.

The crappie fishing is still good but we have had to move around to find them. My best place on Grand right now is in Drowning Creek in a brush pile close to a drop-off. We are catching the biggest crappie on Grand but there are more fish at Eucha.

I have a question: Why are we catching more black crappie now than in years past? At Eucha, were catching 90% black crappie, while at Grand, probably 75%. Im not fishing boat docks on Grand, which may make for a higher percentage in white crappie. How are you doing? What percentage of white to black crappie are you catching? Im doing an informal poll to find out. Please email me at ivan@grandfishingreport.com if you want to express your findings. I would like to know so I can take the combined information to ask the Wildlife department about.

We only fished for black bass a couple of hours this week but we did catch five decent keepers. It seems like cheating. I just got my new Lowrance Electronics on my boat. I hope I can resist the urge to just ride around looking at the bottom instead of wetting my hook. The new stuff has side imaging and bottom imaging, which is almost like taking pictures of the bottom. If you have a brush pile you can even see all the branches. If it has just been freshly put in you can even see the leaves. I think I will put the boat in the water and start looking around with my new electronics.