Ivan Martin

The winter weather is finally here but hopefully it will not get too bad for a while.

I am fishing for crappie in Texas so I have been calling around to get some Grand Lake reports.

Sharon at Four Seasons Resort says the crappie is biting well there. Jigs are the best bait. She says that she has seen some really good ones coming out of their dock.

Also, some guys from Nebraska are doing well on catfish up to 10 lbs.

The water color is slightly stained in Elk River but really not in too bad of shape.

I talked to the Grand Lake legend of crappie fishing, Betty of Indian Hills Resort, and she says the fishing is slower in Horse Creek but that it will be getting better as the water clears.

Also she says that they are planning to re-brush their docks shortly and this will help.

I have not talked to anyone who has black bass fished for several days but this time of year is usually really good.

We had 62 keeper-crappie yesterday on our trip here at Lake Fork Texas fishing with Fred Malone of Grand Lake and Gary Smith of Oklahoma City.

I think it will only be another year and Grand will be back also for crappie.

I have been telling all these good stories on fishing here. I hope it lasts.

Good fishing, Ivan