Guy Ellis

The stars were shining brightly in Fairland Monday night; not on the horizon but inside the Fighting Owl Arena where the Lucky Seven Conference put on its annual end of season All-Star Basketball Game. Conference members Afton, Commerce, Fairland, Quapaw, Welch, and Wyandotte were all represented in two evening features of exciting action.

If the atmosphere of a regular Lucky 7 match-up could be equated to that of a Rocky Balboa-Apollo Creed title fight then Monday night’s mood more closely resembled Rocky’s for-charity bought with Hulk Hogan from the third movie. Free from the disciplines of a regular outing the players were allowed to stretch their legs, try shots that would have them running endless laps in practice otherwise, and show off a little for the fans while enjoying themselves thoroughly. It was hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, or in a few cases days, some of these teams were going at it against one another tooth-and-nail in the post-season playoffs. It wasn’t uncommon to see players laughing and trading jokes while play was ensuing. Scores were kept but few paid any mind to it. Sportsmanship reigned on the night; it was everything that high-school sports are supposed to be: all about the kids.

Players were dispersed amongst two teams: home jerseys and away jerseys. It was ladies first Monday night. Wyandotte’s Abbi Munson was the high-scorer for the home jerseys with nine points. Paige Radford of Quapaw scored seven. Courtney Watson of Commerce scored five points. Wyandotte’s Kayla Oleman and Welch’s Kalleigh Chrz each put in four points. Fairland’s Caitlyn Burnside and Kelsey Campbell each scored three points. Katy McClurg of Welch scored two points. Afton’s Shelbie VanPielt was the tenth member of the home jersey team.

Quapaw’s Amber Burkybile led the away jerseys with 17 points. Brooke Kerns of Fairland landed 13 and Afton’s Macy Gibson scored 10. Ashley Carroll of Afton, Amanda Stovall of Wyandotte, and Kourtney Reading of Commerce scored five points each. Kristen Enyart of Wyandotte scored four points. Quapaw’s Kayla Chapa scored two and Ashley Marlow of Welch put in one. Johna Sharp of Commerce and Natasha Larsen, who didn’t suit up, were also members of the away jersey team.

For the boys’ home jersey team Afton’s Shawn Free and Quapaw’s Chris Flemming each scored ten points while Fairland’s Jesse Drosche put up 11. Quapaw’s Brandon Rollett scored nine, and Shane Friend from Wyandotte scored seven. Jacob Keaton of Afton scored six and Fairland’s Aaron Gleidt scored five points. Matt Cook of Commerce and Jacob Fansler of Welch scored four points apiece. Afton’s Coy Crane scored three points.

For the away jersey team Seth Bunce of Fairland was the high scorer with 28 points, including eight three-point goals. With just over two minutes left to play in the game the large Fairland student section began chanting for their hero who returned to the court and obliged his classmates with one more long-distance three pointer. It was a nice moment.

Ryan Markes of Afton scored 10 points for the away jersey team. Dakota Sparks of Wyandotte put in nine and Joey Powers of Welch scored eight points. Kurtis Young of Wyandotte scored seven points, as did Zach Barnes of Commerce. Dusty Redden of Quapaw scored five points and so did Fairland’s J.C. Morrow. Tony Jarvis of Afton put in three points and Luis Arizpe of Commerce added two.