Rory Geer a Ridgerunner freshman is officially the second fastest high school girl in the state of Oklahoma and arguably the fastest girl in town.

Geer finished the state 5A 5k cross country race on Saturday, Oct. 28 in Edmond with a time of 19:45 - just 15 seconds behind the first place runner.

Her placing helped her team place 10th overall in the competition.

While finishing second at state is quite the accomplishment especially as a freshman Geer is striving for first.

Coach Warren Brumley calls Geer a natural athlete.

She not only participates in cross country, but a number of other sports as well.

"I don’t really enjoy distance running but I do it for the competition," Geer said.

Geer also competes in track and field, specializing in the 400 and 800 meter races.

As an eighth grader, she finished the 800 with a time of 2:23 which is just one second shy of the school record set in 2002 by Amanda Plant.

While she is training for spring with track and field, Geer is a starting forward on the girls’ varsity basketball team.

Geer started running competitively in fifth grade and has a regimented training routine that keeps her very active 11 months out of the year.

She is out on the track every morning before school at 6 a.m. to stretch and run, taking only the month of June off to rest before returning to training.

Working closely with Brumley and has managed to improve her 5k time over the last year from 21:30 down to 19:45.

Geer said she is driven by her “desire to win” when she is competing against the other athletes.

Before competing, like most serious runners, she carb loads on spaghetti the day before.

The morning of a competition she plugs her ear buds into Pandora and the current top hits to center herself.

“Rory’s first question [after a competition] is always how did the team did?," Brumley said. "The other girls know she is always running for the team.”

A second generation Ridgerunner, Geer said “competition runs in the family.”

Her mom, Kerri Geer, ran in high school and her two sisters: Elliot Geer a sixth grader and Rowan Geer a fourth grader also both run.

Geer's parents are her own personal hero as, “they always inspire me to do my best.

Her family attends all of her events showing tremendous support for her achievements. Geer said her father, Jason Geer is her "biggest cheerleader.”

Looking ahead she plans to attend college.

"Hopefully getting a scholarship for running or basketball," Geer said.

Currently she has a strong interest in pursuing a career in the medical field either as a doctor or a nurse practitioner.

When not training or working on her school work, Geer likes to “hang with friends” which typically involves playing on their phones or swimming in the lake during the summer months.

As a freshman Geer's time with Ridgerunners Athletics is just beginning as she aims to break school records and win competitions for the next four years.