The second round of football playoffs for grades six down to first played this Saturday.

Games started at 11:30 a.m. for the sixth graders and concluded with a 5:30 p.m. game for the first graders.

All of the teams competing played at the Ridgerunners football stadium and featured cheerleaders from the respective classes.

Grove had two teams represented in the playoffs and one additional team was from south Delaware county.

The first local game of the day with at 1 p.m. when the fourth grade Grove Ridgerunners matched up against the Miami Wardogs.

The Ridgerunners lost 7-26 to the Wardogs but kept the game close until the fourth quarter.

Mason Brown from the Ridgerunners team scored the extra point early on giving the team a lead over the Wardogs 7-6.

The cheerleading squad actively worked to keep the crowd entertained during each of the shortened 9 minute quarters.

The second local game of the evening was scheduled to start at 4 p.m. but started late and featured the second grade Ridgerunners against the Adair Warriors.

The close game was a loss for the Ridgerunners 7-14 but saw some outstanding play by the team.

Grove was able to sack the Adair quarterback for a loss and showcased their strong passing skills in the game.

The second grade cheerleading squad stayed out on the track to support the team for each of the shorten 8 minute quarters.

The final game of the evening was South Delaware County first grade Outlaws against the Tahlequah Tigers.

The game included two coaches from each team to assist in actively directing the team resulted in a victory for Tahlequah 30-0.

The stands were packed for the day featuring cheering parents and grandparents a like.

While most fans were respectful, one fan was ejected from the game by a referee during the Grove vs. Miami game.

The Miami fan was unwilling to leave the stadium and had to be escorted off by the local police. No police report was filed.

Regardless of the brief incident parents and students alike enjoyed their time in the spotlight Saturday and showed excitement win or lose.