Cleora United Methodist Church had a successful Vacation Bible School August 1 through August 4 with 37 children in attendance.

The fellowship hall was turned into a Shake It Up Café with a puppet called Scraps helping to lead the children in songs with lots of hand and foot movements. They moved to "Shake It Up", "Let's Get Cookin", "Give Thanks", and "Give It Away" to name a few.

Each day the children saw a video presentation discussing the secret ingredient for the day and the Bible verse for the day. The video also encouraged them to eat the right kinds of foods.

The children decorated chef's hats and aprons, a café' picture frame, a Believe in God canvas art, and blessing cookies. They carried home all the crafts in a Shake It Up shopping bag which encouraged them to shop with reusable bags.

Discovery time was used to reinforce the secret ingredient verses for the day with science projects. The kids prepared churned butter, lemonade and seasoning packets for pizzas.

Recreation (even in the hot outdoors) consisted of Charades, Simon Says and lots of games.

The Bible stories let the children encounter the feast of the Passover and how the Israelites were delivered from slavery in Egypt. They learned about the festivals celebrated in Jesus' day, one being the Festival of Booths in Jerusalem. They revisited the celebration of the Festival of Weeks and learned how Jesus' followers created a new community on the day we know as Pentecost.

The Snacks were great. They decorated their own pizzas, prepared fruit yogurt parfaits, and had fruit on a stick.

The entire group of children, leaders, and workers traveled to Arrowhead on the last day for a delightful lunch. They all had a tour of the kitchen and Chef Mark explained how the foods were prepared.

Special thanks to Joe Harwood, Manager of Arrowhead, and the staff for preparing a great lunch for us. The children really appreciated it and had a great time.

Special thanks go out to all those that worked to make this another successful vacation bible school.