Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY – Delaware County Commissioners handled section line road issues, bids and permits during their weekly meeting held Monday morning.

The opening of a section line road located in southern Delaware county was denied. The petitioner, Kenney Ahrens was present along with other property owners in opposition to the opening. Landowner John Sanford had questions concerning who was going to build the fence on his property in question along the proposed road. Ahrens said he would fence what was on his property, but would not fence the property on Sanford’s side of the easement.

Sanford said he was not in opposition to the opening of the roadway, but he didn’t feel like it was his responsibility to build a fence on his property along the easement.

“I’m okay with the easement, but I’m not paying for the fence for someone else’s benefit,” Sanford told the commission.

The matter will not be taken to a civil court for a resolution.

Another petition to vacate a roadway and set a hearing date of intent on a roadway located in the Preserve at Grand Lake was denied today as well. The property in question in fact belongs to the county and is a small portion of property, not an easement, nor a roadway. The petitioned was turned back into the hands of the petitioner’s attorney.

Bernice Fire Department accepted a bid of $23,133.50 from Viking Gear for bunker gear. This was not the lowest bid, but the best bid for the department. A letter will be sent to the lowest bidder explaining the department’s acceptance.

Bids were opened for review for the lease purchase of a used ladder truck for the Grove Fire Department. The department only received one bid which was accepted from Deep South for $110,000 with a trade-in of an older model truck.

Delaware County Emergency Management received four bids for a back up generator, and sealed bids will be advertised for janitorial services for the Delaware County Courthouse, election office and community center.

Funds were transferred within highway cash for district #2 in the amount of $1,000 from maintenance & operation into their travel account and $3,190 was transferred from 103 CBRI#1 into the Car Creek Bridge project located in district #1.

The Cherokee Creek bridge project received approval for a utility relocation agreement with Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. The cost of the relocation amounts to $$11,635.83. The bridge is located in district #3.

Blanket purchase orders were approved for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department in the amount of $3,000. Two thousand will be used for automobile repair, the other $1,000 to Mease Clinic. Approved also was a blanket purchase order for equipment repairs to Smitty’s Body Shop for the Flint Ridge Fire Department in the amount of $5,000.

The Sheriff’s office received permission to approve the signing of a single audit report/letter of exemption by verification concerning exemption of entitles receiving less than $500,000 in federal funds per fiscal year.

In other matters before the board:

• Boatman and Updyke was chosen for April 2011 to March 2013.

• A tort claim for Darrell Friend for damages to a dump truck in the amount of $436.84 was turned over to the insurance company.

• A utility bond to rural water district #1 road cut/bore in district #2 was refunded.

• District #3 will enter into a borrow permit between the district and Jeremy Husong for landfield.