The Cleora Emergency Ambulance Service (CEMSA) is seeking a new operator in the wake of Integris Grove General Hospital’s announcement that it will cease to operate the service in spring 2009.

At their meeting on December 3, the CEMSA District Trust Board of Directors received official notification from Integris that the hospital will withdraw from operating the CEMSA Ambulance Service, effective March 31, 2009.

“The cited reason for this action by Integris Grove was lower than projected call volume,” explained newly elected CEMSA Board Chairman, Frank Colburn.

He said Integris has been operating the service since its inception on July 2, 2005.

“The 24/7 advanced paramedic team has performed superbly, utilizing the new facility on Highway 85 between Ketchum and Cleora,” he added.

“The CEMSA Board greatly regrets this withdrawal, but also appreciates the earlier than contractually required notification so they can move on in their fundamental mission, which is to save lives,” he explained.

As soon as possible, the CEMSA Board plans to publish invitations requesting qualified services to indicate interest in taking over operations.

Subsequently, specifications will be prepared and a formal bidding process will take place.

“We expect to have this process completed and a new operator in place prior to Integris’ March 31 withdrawal.

“We wish to reassure the taxpayers of the Cleora School District and the CEMSA Service area that we will make every effort to continue uninterrupted 24/7 emergency ambulance service,” Colburn said.