The Grove PTO kicked off its second year with a back to school meeting Tuesday night in the commons area of the Early Childhood Development Center.

PTO members took the occasion Tuesday to run through a series of items and to set tentative plans for the new school year.

“We’re looking forward to a great year,” said PTO President Christy Wright. ““We want to get as many parents involved as we can.”

One change for the organization this year is its plan to expand activities throughout the Grove school district. Previously the PTO had worked exclusively with the Early Childhood Development Center.

“The more parents we can get involved with schools the better,” Wright said. “Parents who are involved in schools have students who participate better in school.”

As part of the expansion the PTO selected Volunteer Coordinators to work with the different schools.

Tonya Scott was chosen as the coordinator for the Early Childhood Development Center, Candace Heffelman for the Upper Elementary, Francis and Kristi Murray for the Middle School, and John Stroud for the High School.

“There’s always going to be some students who will not have the support they need at home and by being a community member who’s involved in your school you help out not only your own children but every child who attends the school,” said Wright.

During the meeting Tuesday members began forming details for their annual fundraiser event. The group plans to hold a Walk-A-Thon in September.

Other items discussed were the Tailgate Party for the first home football game, the location of future meetings, and the Homeroom Mom Program.

As a means to promote awareness and drive membership the group made plans Tuesday to have a PTO table at the open house day of every school in the district.

“PTO isn’t just about parents,” said Wright, “It’s about businesses, it’s about community members, it’s about the seniors that live in our community, the teachers, the administrators, and it’s mainly all focused on the kids.”

The PTO will hold meetings on the second Tuesday of each month throughout the school year. The next meeting is scheduled for August 12 at 6:00 PM at the Early Childhood Development Center.