Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY – Authorities calling on the home of a man who was reportedly firing a shotgun at his neighbors’ house discovered more than they bargained for Saturday.

More than 40 marijuana plants were found growing on the property, according to reports.

Harlan Eugene Beaty, 57 of Jay, was arrested Saturday night after officers were dispatched to his home on S. 700 Rd., with complaints that he was barricading the road to keep vehicles from traveling in the neighborhood.

Officers arrested Beaty without incident.

In a report filed by Sheriff’s Deputy Ralph Feather, Beaty was quoted as saying, “Those people over there need to be arrested for home invasion,” when asked why he was firing his weapon.

He added that they (the neighbors) should be arrested for playing their music too loud.

Beaty asked officers to get his medication from his home, and when Deputy Mark Berry entered the house he detected a strong odor of marijuana. During a search, he discovered 14 marijuana plants growing in the top of a closet. Also discovered during a search of the premises were 14 firearms, a crossbow and several boxes of ammunition.

Berry along with Deputy Rick Pike, searched the property and discovered more than 40 live plants growing in the vicinity. The plants were taken into evidence.

The plants ranged from 3 ft. to 8 ft. and, according to the officers’ reports, have a street value of approximately $75,000.

Anticipated charges include public intoxication (drugs), reckless discharge of a firearm while intoxicated, cultivation of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Beaty has been released on a $7,800 bond.