The Grove Middle School rewarded their best students from all three grades Monday with a bowling party and pizza lunch.

Over 150 students, at various times throughout the day, were bussed to the Country Lanes Bowling Alley in Grove to enjoy some recreational time.

For lunch the students were served pizza from Mazzio’s.

“It’s a way to reward the kids for keeping up with their responsibilities at school,” said Warren Brumley, GMS teacher and 8th grade head football coach.

Dale Easter, a GHS alum, is the owner of Country Lanes and was more than happy to help the school.

“Coach Brumley came to me and asked if there was something we could do for the kids who haven’t missed any days of school and had good grades,” said Easter.

“I told him that whatever they wanted to do we could manage it. He asked me how much it would cost to have the kids come out and bowl and I just donated the lanes to the school,” he added.

The pizza party and bowling outing was the brainchild of various members of the GMS faculty.

“Mr. Dodson (GMS principal) and Mrs. Morley (GMS assistant principal) and I wanted to reward the kids that have had good attendance and good grades,” Brumley said.

To qualify for the trip students also had to have had no detention time or “ZAP” notices, which students receive when they fail to hand in homework.

“So we came up with this idea and the kids get a couple of hours out and when we’re done here we’ll take them back to the school and feed them some pizza,” Brumley said.

The school plans to hold the event at the end of each nine weeks throughout the school year.

“We want to thank Mr. Easter for allowing us to come and use Country Lanes,” said Brumley. “He donated the bowling alley to us at no charge and we really appreciate people like that in the community who are supporting what we are trying to do.”