Residents of Fairland have until Aug. 12 to let the Fairland Strategic Planning Committee know what they would like to see happen in the town.

Jim Love, FSPC chairman, said the committee needs to know what residents would like to see in Fairland so they can forward them to experts from Oklahoma State University so they can prepare a program for the committee’s Aug. 25 meeting at 7 p.m. in the new Fairland Senior Citizens Center.

Love asked representatives of the Fairland Ministerial Association, Fairland Public School, the various civic clubs, the Senior Citizens Center to get a wish list from their members and drop them off in the box at Town Hall or mail them to Fairland Strategic Planning Committee, P.O. Box 133, Fairland, OK 74343.

“These lists will help the OSU planners tell us what needs to be emphasized in our long range plans for the town. We need to know what people want in the town in five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years,” he told the approximately 15 people present Thursday evening.

John Sparkman, Fairland Housing Authority director, presented the group a proposed organizational chart for the Town of Fairland with the board on top with the FSPC below and a list of subjects ranging from housing to tourism to historical, civic, schools, economic development, website, Owl ambassadors and Fairland promotions.

In Picher, he said, they had created the Mining Reunion Celebration, which started out as a two-day event and expanded to a weeklong event.

This activity gave them money to expand the event and do other things.

The group or town might want to come up with an event that would be unique to Fairland, he said.

He also said the group needs to address what can be done to get Main Street decorated for Christmas so that it looks like someone cares.

The town’s history, he said, is important. “Before we lose it all as the elderly pass away, we need to do something to preserve the town’s past. Maybe a museum is called for,” he said.

Under Economic Development one of the key goals, he said, is the town’s website development.

Also, the development of the Owls Ambassadors is essential to bringing new industry and business to Fairland, he said. “You’re going to have to get key people from businesses, the board and school to work on it,” he said.

Sparkman and Love stressed that the town needs a vision and mission statement.

Love stressed that the group is not going to urge the town make any quick, major changes.

“If we go to the board with something we need to have the proposal nearly 100 percent done,” he said.

Love stressed the possibilities this group could come up with are endless with people who are willing to get their hands dirty.

One of the Fairland residents present said a chamber of commerce needs to be formed in Fairland. Love said that would be a good positive step for the town.

Love said if the town could come up with the money it would be good to have a town manager.

Town Clerk Karen Lunsford said the town’s charter would have to be changed before that could be done.

Another participant said the person wouldn’t have to be the town manager, just an employee to answer to the board.

Love also said that in visiting with residents of Fairland they tell him affordable housing is needed. There is definitely a need for the Fairland Housing Authority’s proposed housing development, he said.