Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

Firefighters worked in temperatures over a hundred degrees to fight wildfires throughout the area this past weekend and into Monday. A wild land fire on Sunday burned in Delaware County just east of the Butler area and south of Southwest City,

Mo. Several structures were in danger and one firefighter was treated by Jay EMS for a heat related illness.

Jay, Butler, and Southwest City Fire Departments, as well as the State Department of Forestry are working hard to protect several homes and keep the flames from jumping over Highway 43. According to Butler Fire Chief Randy Prins, the fire burned

20 acres and it is unknown how the fire began. We were able to save a home, shop building and garage, said Prins.

The fire consumed approximately $30,000 worth of lumber and 30, acres according to the property owner, Ginger Reece. I had enough lumber cleaned to build four houses probably, she said. I just know I got myself together, grabbed the hose and was calling 911 and trying to fight the fire at the same time, she said.

A friend lending support confirmed she did and had already made arrangements to sell the lumber. I just lost my husband, how much more can go wrong. I got two boys Im still trying to raise.

It just makes me sick, said Reece. Reece was concerned that she was too rude to the dispatcher when she called it in, but friends consoled her by telling her everyone understands. I just want to apologize to him. I wasnt very nice on the phone, Reece said.

Another fire Sunday burned a hay barn and continues to spread near Cayuga Road north of Grove. Firefighters from Seneca Cayuga, Paradise, Cowskin, Wyandotte and others fought to gain control of the fire that burned more than 300 acres and threatened seven homes which were all saved. High temperatures and hot winds are making containment difficult and creating dangerous situations for fi re fi ghters.

On Friday night a fire that started on Hunter Road near Maysville burned approximately six miles north to Southwest City before it could be completely contained. Firefighters said the flames from this fire were jumping roads like

they didnt exist.

Before this fire was out, it burned two barns and a chicken house. Firefighters from Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas worked together throughout the evening to fight the quickly spreading