School will be back in session soon. But, before the children return Grove Public School teachers will be back in the classroom attending a variety of in-service trainings to prepare for the new school year.  

This year’s focus of training sessions will revolve around teachers learning to adapt and modify their curriculum and teaching styles to meet the needs of individual students.  Teachers will be attending sessions in Response to Intervention and Differentiated Instruction.  Both topics will address ways for teachers to change their instructional strategies to include all learners in the classroom.  

The Grove Police Department will be providing training in Safety Issues and bring the staff up to date on ways to address bullying and harassment.  Teachers will also attend sessions on developing higher classroom expectations and classroom management.

Professional Development sessions will begin on Monday, August 11th with a Welcome Back breakfast sponsored by GEFFE (Grove Educational Foundation For Excellence).  Trainings will conclude at noon on Wednesday, August 13th.  

An Open House has been scheduled for all Grove Public School sites on Wednesday, August 13th from 1:00-3:30.  The Open House is designed for parents and students to meet their teachers and familiarize themselves with the school before school begins on Thursday, August 14th.  Elementary students are encouraged to bring their school supplies to the Open House in order to make the first day of school a little less frenzied.