JAY – A Kansas woman has been charged with insurance fraud after claiming her vehicle was vandalized when she was abducted by would-be rapists on her way home from meeting with Garth Brooks.

Crystal Lynn Deal, 38, was charged with a felony count of collecting on a false insurance claim in district court on Dec. 15.

According to the probable cause affidavit, on May 12, Mayes County Sheriff’s investigators were called to Hwy 412 and 421B in reference to a possible rape.

At that time Deal told the officers that she had been to Owasso where she was supposed to meet with Garth Brooks to get a guitar. She claimed he was supposed to meet her at the Quick Trip in Owasso, but never showed up.

She said that on her way back to her home in Flint Ridge, she stopped at a McDonald’s in Chouteau where she ate lunch.

According to the affidavit, after leaving the McDonald’s, she noticed a woman standing by a vehicle with a jack lying on the ground as if she was attempting to change a flat tire.

Deal said she stopped to provide assistance to the stranded woman and was then abducted, at gunpoint, by a man she claims looked like Larry the Cable Guy and another man who was “greasy.”

Deal claimed the men took her in her own truck to Hwy 412 and 421B where they told her to get out of the vehicle.

She claimed the armed man took a can of spray paint from her truck and painted “BACA sucks” on the truck. She said he told her he did it because BACA was the reason his brother was in jail.

Deal said that the men then attempted to rape her, but were unsuccessful because she was fighting back.

She further claimed that the two men put zip ties around her hands and ankles. They then allegedly grabbed her, put her in the back seat of her truck and drove her toward a river.

She said the men exited the vehicle, claiming they were going to drown her, while the truck was still moving toward the river.

She said she was able to climb over the seat, turn the steering wheel, and cause the truck to hit a tree and stop. But, she said, the men got back into the vehicle, put it in reverse and tried to do it again. She said the tires became stuck.

Deal stated that the men then left the scene.

She claimed that after their departure, she was able to kick off one shoe and push the ties from her ankles, but was unable to free her hands. She said she started walking back to the highway where a passerby stopped and called the police.

Deal was transported to the Mayes County Medical Center by ambulance where she was reported to have no significant injuries. She was treated and released.

Mayes County officers investigated the scene.

A surveillance video from the Chouteau McDonald’s showed Deal eating lunch at a different time than she had claimed in her statement.

When confronted with the discrepancy, she claimed she staged the scene at the river because she was unable to get a guitar from Garth Brooks and felt she had let everyone down.

In September, Mayes County inspector Chuck Ward received a statement from Deal informing him that she had filed an insurance claim on the damages she had done to her truck. An investigator with Geico Insurance contacted officers requesting that criminal charges be filed against Deal for insurance fraud.

According to the Geico investigator, payments in the amount of $5,152.22 were paid to Deal.

Court records show that Deal pled no contest to arson in May 2007 in Tulsa County and is presently on unsupervised probation

She has been arrested and a bond of $2,500 has been set.