Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY –he Delaware County Public Facilities Authority moved forward at a meeting held Wednesday morning.

At the conclusion of the meeting, members of the trust decided to take the findings of what a .2% sales tax increase would generate and contact SouthBuild to determine how big a facility that amount would build on the site of the parking lot of the present detention center located on the north side of the Delaware County Courthouse.

In a meeting held May 12, Rick Smith of Municipal Finance Services based in Edmond, presented financial information that determined that 2% would generate approximately $578,877.00 yearly based on estimated sales tax collection for fiscal year 2010.

Attendees from Grove City Council felt strongly that voters in the Grove area would support the new proposition.

The new facility would be used in conjunction with the present 62-bed facility.

SouthBuild has not been contacted as of yet and the next meeting of the trust has not been scheduled.

In the May 12 meeting District Attorney Eddie Wyant did offer some good news to the board. He relayed to them that the attorney in charge of the lawsuit filed against the county was no longer employed with the State of Oklahoma Health Department, the attorney in charge of the case now would not be in that position very long, and Don Garrison, the jail inspector, would be retiring soon. In his opinion, these factors would allow the county some time to make a decision regarding the situation.